We believe in our programs and value every person that has walked through our doors.
Below are a few testimonials from people we have worked with over the years.

Ron R.

“Aside from becoming capable of living normally again, I have completely cut all ties to the street. I have nothing to do with that part of my life, and I live within the law. I would recommend to anyone (and have) to start treatment if you cannot kick this addiction any other way.” - Ron R.


“I really believe that because of the methadone treatment program, my life is back to normal! My family life is fantastic, my overall health is fine for my age, my business and financial life is usually great (except when the economy collapses), and after five years, I finally found the most important aspect of my life - my relationship with the Lord. In case you wonder, you too will enjoy similar lifestyle successes by letting the methadone treatment program work for you.” - KA

Margaret P.

“Before, I had no job, no money, no transportation, no home, no prospects, but through following the program’s guidelines, l now have a job, my transportation, a savings account, an apartment, healthy relationships, and most importantly, a future. CFTC played a crucial role in saving my life and preventing me from becoming yet another statistic. For that, I am truly grateful.” - Margaret P.