Why Relapse Isn’t the End to Recovery

As a drug addict committed to recovery, you may experience shame and disappointment if you relapse. The truth is, relapse is a normal part of recovery that if handled properly will not ruin your journey to lifelong sobriety.

Normal Doesn’t Mean Inevitable

It’s important to understand that just because drug relapse is common doesn’t mean it has to or should happen. It’s possible to achieve sobriety the first time. Avoid using the fact that relapse is normal to justify returning to addictive behaviors.

How to Handle Relapse

If you do relapse, the first thing to do is not beat yourself up. Shame and discouragement only further drive your drug addiction to escape the pain. Instead, use relapse as a learning opportunity. Ask yourself if you really are ready to give up your drug addiction, and if not, what is holding you back. To succeed, you need:

  • Courage
  • A strong motivation
  • Recovery tools
  • Professional help
  • A support network

The work begins internally with honesty and surrender. You have to accept that total abstinence may be the only possible way you can never relapse again.

Reach Out

You must learn how to navigate difficult emotions and be committed to reaching out whenever you feel triggered instead of thinking you can do it alone. There are people and programs waiting to assist you. To learn more about relapse and recovery, call Central Florida Treatment Centers, Inc. in Orlando 407-843-0041.