The Road to Recovery

The struggles and demons of addiction and recovery can be stressful and painful for the person as well as their family. The road to recovery may surely be hard, but it is necessary for one to become healthy and have the quality of life you desire once again. These are some important steps to follow:


The most important step is to acknowledge that your disease of addiction exists. One must be aware that the problem is causing harm to your body, relationships, employment, behavior or other issues. You are seeking solutions to fix the problem instead of making excuses.

Seek Treatment

Recovery cannot be done alone. It is important to find professionals, such as Central Florida Treatment Centers, to work with you step-by-step through the recovery process. Recovery may include individual/group therapy, medication as well as counseling to make the needed mental, emotional, spiritual, and behavioral changes.

Build a Support Group

It is Important to be around individuals or a group that will make a positive contribution to your treatment and recovery. Find like-minded people, as well as be around family and friends who will not allow you to relapse into poor habits that contributed to your addiction. This may include removing yourself from people that you enjoyed being around in the past that may trigger additional drug use.

Fight Through Relapse

Of course, relapse is not ideal. However, it is important to remember and use what was learned during treatment as well as continuing to follow the steps of your recovery to get back on track. Healing is a continuous process.

If you are in Central or South Florida and want to start your addiction recovery, contact Central Florida Treatment Centers at one of our six locations. Your recovery begins here.