Methadone truths and myths

January 29, 2021

Methadone Truths and Myths

If you search Methadone in any major search engine you will find copious amounts of information on the subject. Some of the information could be considered myths and some could be legitimate. There is extensive research available to the public about the pros and cons of Methadone Maintenance Treatment and why people should or should not choose that treatment option. As an MAT professional for over three years, I’m here to say that every treatment option has its benefits and risks however, the main goal of every patient should be to find what treatment option works best for you and your unique situation. The evidenced based options available to a client when suffering from opioid addiction are MAT via Methadone, Vivitrol, or Buprenorphine, Detox Facilities, and Intensive Outpatient Psychotherapy. Despite all of these being viable treatment options, one may be better for you than the other based on various reasons. Therefore, I highly recommend contacting agencies that provide these treatment options and allowing trained professionals to assess and discuss possible interventions for your addiction. Here are some scenarios in which Methadone might be the best option for you:

• Individuals who have been addicted for over a year and have been unable to stop or decrease use on their own

• Individuals who have tried detoxes and left AMA or relapsed once returning to the community

• Pregnant women who are still suffering from their addiction

• Anyone who has been taking Buprenorphine for at least three months and continues to use opiates despite dosage changes and discussions with your doctor

• Patients who have been in pain management who no longer qualify or who have been discharged due to abuse

The greatest part about fighting addiction is that it’s a fight you CAN win. You may not win every battle but, if you work hard enough and take the help that is offered, you can surely win the war. Sincerely, Your local methadone advocate

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