How to Talk to Your Loved one About Their Addiction

If someone you love struggles with an addiction, you know it can be difficult to determine how to best help. However, even if you don’t quite understand what your loved one is experiencing, there are a few things you can do to talk effectively to someone with addiction:

  • Prepare yourself. Think about what you want to say before talking with your loved one. You should also prepare yourself by trying to understand that addiction is a disease and that even though you want to save your loved one, it’s not all up to you.
  • Be open. Try to be kind, but very honest about how the addiction affects you and others in your loved one’s life. It is important for addicts to understand how their actions can hurt more than just themselves.
  • Keep your cool. It’s natural to get emotional while talking about such a difficult subject as addiction, but try to stay calm and avoid belittling your loved one, even if he or she gets angry or upset. Try to maintain a discussion rather than letting the talk turn into an argument.
  • Try to show empathy. Avoid getting angry or sounding judgmental. Your loved one’s addiction can be very frustrating, but both of you will likely be better off if you work hard to show empathy and understanding.

It may be difficult, but it is worth taking action to help an addict take steps toward recovery. Call Central Florida Treatment Centers, Inc. in Orlando 407-843-0041 to learn about additional resources for addicts.