Five Ways Professionals Treat Drug Addictions

Whether it’s residential or outpatient, when evaluating specialists and programs, everyone’s needs are going to be different. However, the lengthier and intense the drug use, the longer the treatment will be.

Proper Medication Combined With Therapy

The use of the correct medication coupled with therapy has shown to be highly effective. For instance, someone addicted to heroin often needs withdrawal medication and intense therapy.

Addressing the Addiction and a Possible Psychological Disorder

It’s relatively common for someone with a substance problem to also be struggling with a psychological issue, such as:

  • Depression
  • ADHD

This type of integrated treatment has also proven to be successful. You may be referred for additional services for assessing or treating possible psychological conditions.


When it comes right down to it, the best treatment will almost always include individual therapy and often group therapy. Many programs provide plenty of both.

Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy

Your counselor will work with you to address any mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks to recovery thereby helping you make a behavioral action plan that fits your needs and desire to change. Throughout the process, you will be assisted in implementing behavioral and cognitive changes benefiting your quality of life.

Meditation Techniques

Techniques Most mindfulness experts teach that the mind is the root of all suffering. As more professionals guide individuals to go inward, more people dealing with addiction will be able to burn out their destructive thought patterns through the fire of observation.