Brevard Recovery Fest

A great time was had at the Brevard Recovery Fest. This event was birthed in October 2021 under the Treatment & Recovery Subcommittee of the Brevard Opioid Misuse Task Force with the Brevard Prevention Coalition Inc, a 501c3 Organization.The first annual Fest was held on September 24, 2022 at Wickham Park in Melbourne, FL. Over 100 sponsors, vendors and donors participated. Over 1000 people received valuable awareness, information, and resources of services for the treatment and recovery from addictions and mental health. There was free food, entertainment, inspirational stories, and family fun.As of November 8th, 2022, the Brevard Recovery Fest, Inc. is being organized as its own non profit organization for the specific purpose of building community partnerships committed to ending the stigma of addictions and mental health through community outreach including the Brevard Recovery Fest, bringing education, resources, and awareness for treatment and recovery.